Published by on March 6th, 2015

Every day when you Logon to Facebook, your timeline is filled with various stories.

We all have different types of friends that we probably have already grouped.

The Most commonly observed are

The Preacher

That wants to show you how miserable your life is and how desperate you are.

The Family People

Will share everything they do. eating napping hiking dancing first walk first teeth pregnancy …

The Animal Lovers

I have no problem with animals, but i’m not going to loose sleep because “Sassy” is a lonely cat.

The Sexually Obsessed

That goes on liking and sharing any article with a flesh rate > 1%

The Stalkers

That will suddenly like/comment on a 7-years old picture at 4:00 AM in the morning

The Gamers

No need to describe more i guess “xxx invited you to play yyy


Well you can’t unfriend and you are compelled to reply to their comments. Just press that “Unfollow” button


We all know there are more than 70% of Facebook users who are under 18. Well you cannot really expect what to see under this segment.

The Instagram freaks

With gazillion hashtags and posts round the clock

The Tagged you person

Dude i can see the post on my timeline, no need to tag me in every post you share

The Quiz maniac

Since a year or so, this trend has increased a lot on timelines.

The Celebrity Fan

“Miley drank coffee” “Bieber ate man2oushe” .. #Fhemna

The Mr. Loghat

They will surprise you with out of this world comments


Surely the list goes on endlessly … in the end which One or ONES are you ?

Here is a nice infographic

First Five Dubai Floating Villas Sold

Published by on March 4th, 2015

KLEINDIENST Group is building 42 underwater villas on the Monaco island in #Dubai

This is part of “The Heart of Europe” THOE Project.

20 of those villas have been initially bought by “Privilege Dubai”.

Reports that the first five”underwater” villas on “Dubai’s The World Development” have been sold.

A whooping price of 5 million Dirham was paid per villa.

They are at the lowest level and will have rain, streets filled with snow and floating bridges.

Just exactly like Lebanon right? …

More details here

Underwater Villa design (courtesy of Kleindienst Group)

مصطلحات طرابلسية – الجزء الأول

Published by on March 3rd, 2015

في ما يلي نقدم لكم الجزء الأول من مصطلحات طرابلسية … أرجو أن تنال إعجابكم

شو يا بوشط: تستعمل لمناداة شخص صديق و مزوح

ططلي:أي مربى

بوخش القلب: صفه لشخص مزوح و قريب من القلب

كاتشوكه: كوتشوك

شرطوطه: شقفه قماش

طانط: مناداه الست  أو شاب مخنث

بشكير: منشفه

سيموعليكو: سلام عليكم

سكوفه: الثقافه او شارع الثقافه

حضت النكيب: حضره النقيب

دشر: أي طلق

فيدي: فادي

خوليد: خالد

بعبيصة: اله حاسبه

اجاز: زجاج

سداجه: سجاده

دستور: عفوا (عندما يكون الطرابلسي رايق)

عمنقلك دستور: عفوا (عندما يكون الطرابلسي بلش يعصب)

يا شحوري : يا ويلي

قرطل : سلة

قلشين: كلسات

عا أبو موزي: كثيراً

همشورتي: حبيبتي

وهذه بعض منها بلهجة أبناء المنطقة

Was the iPhone 6 Copied

Published by on March 2nd, 2015

Well a definite Yes on the score cards …


It’s the same …


– power button, volume nobs, charge location, volume holes (Oh no the S6 has two set of holes)

– What else, same aluminum cover, and similar antenna breaks

– Oh there is more, identical speaker cut and earphone place (same earphone jacks too)


Introducing mobile payment “Samsung Pay” .. Oh wait, we had that before didn’t we #ApplePay

and no more micro SD cards or removable battery (what Apple was bragged to lack over Samsung)

Matching battery life time

Battery life comparison: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Not to take away from its enhanced features, the S6 has some advantages over the 6 month old iPhone 6

– Enhanced screen resolution 577ppi vs 401ppi on the iPhone

– Enhanced RAM storage (3GB versus 1GB)

– Enhanced back and front cameras (16Mp and 8Mp respectively)

Full comparative details here


It is every company’s right to copy designs maybe to a certain extent but this comes after “if we all well remember” the fact that Samsung mocked Apple heavily over the new iPhone 6 design and features only to come up with replicas.

A revival of the Samsung Apple legal patents will soon be witnessed.

Expect videos to come out soon …

In all cases, welcome back to 2007

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Another Stolen Tune

Published by on February 28th, 2015

It is not the first time that we run “unfortunately” into completely stolen tunes.

Skipping the quality of voices and nature of songs, I am sure we do not lack talented #Lebanese composers with so many great names at stake.

Latest “Completely” stolen song is “jazirat el 7obb” by Melissa taken “copy paste” from the 2012 “Greek singer” Despina Vandi song To Nisi from the album Allaxa

Extracts of the two Video Clips Below


The Lebanese Weather Forecast

Published by on February 27th, 2015

We had stage falls, misspellings, weird city names and now this

About February 30 and the 112 temperature

You can check the video here before it gets removed

Mashewi Or Not – بنص الطريق

Published by on February 26th, 2015

Not that everything else is perfect .. but this definitely is a first

Picture originally posted Here by Michel Moutran

Embedded image permalink


A friend of mine mentioned that the guy is from “Wazzan” family living in #Koraytem area and sometimes lights “بخور” in the middle of the road

About Co-workers

Published by on February 25th, 2015

There are numerous types of coworkers … of which we recite

The Nerd Weirdo

No matter where you meet them, they are already part of another dimension. Avoid arguing with them in a meeting. “You will Loose”

The Noisy people

They want to tell you every detail of the past 24 hours and they want to make sure you listen

The Lover

That pops everywhere you go, invents subjects to talk and discuss and spend time with you. It really depends on your status for the next move but a word of advice “Don’t *** where you eat”

The “know it all”

whether you are discussing a rocket science subject or how to deliver babies in a car at rush hour, they will just have their say.

The “Mad3oum”

They just sit all day playing candy crush, chatting, making calls, etc. Doomed if you have one of those in your team.

and of course there is You

Unless of course you are already one of the five above



No more BECKHAM dreams

Published by on February 23rd, 2015

So much for the dream of becoming a “David Beckham” as the picture appears to have been manipulated HEAVILY.

Original billboard, photoshopped and forensic pictures below





On The Lebanese Monday

Published by on February 16th, 2015

Another week starts, Another Monday … who likes Mondays anyways.

No one wants to wake up early, plus work, and traffic … not much really to like.

Adding an extra twist, in #Lebanon you have to be ready for more


– On getting stuck because of a protest (“Moyawmin”, “Casino”, “Hospital”, “Trucks”, etc)

– On being flooded in a rainy day, because our roads are state of the art

– On Van #4 and taxi drivers

– On parents dropping kids at school (lezim tbousou 12 bawseh w tsof b noss el tari2)


… and in the end after that long hated day at work

– On traffic and traffic and traffic

– On getting caught at 6:00PM in the elevator (la yiji el eshtirak)

– On the worst three hours of media on TV #7akiJeles, #LelNasher and #1544


On the Lebanese Monday countless stories of hatred …

Grab a drink and relax

Here comes the “Terrible Tuesday

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