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Enough Sorcery

Published by on March 30th, 2015

It does not take a genius to realize that most TV stations are trying more and more to sell us “Sorcery ideas” around the clock.

It has become a habit to host and promote for shows that insult even a new born baby’s intelligence.

No one can miss

Daily crap posted on one TV Station about aliens, extraterrestrial energies, absurd ideas, and continuous sex hints.

Weekly programs of fate inquiries. You just have to give them your name, and mother name and “Voila” you will hear one hell of a fairy tale

Monthly report of predictions where we enjoy one hour and a half of Kindergarten spelling mistakes.

– and the famous End of Year rush for “What’s next” and “Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?”


You cannot possibly think people are that shallow …

You cannot possibly put TV hosts so astonished “عايشينها” and  attached to the act in display.

This is even dumber than the “What’s the difference” shows that simply “Steal your money”


Please tell me

– How come the predictions are always written in “formal narrative language”

– Why do predictions come for 18-24 months? it’s not a TUNA can after all

– Why do we feel that the Guest is reading the magic stuff for the first time

– Why there is always the selling material side (for more details call me daily)

–  And Why do we allow this on air?

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