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Mother’s Day ADs

Published by on March 18th, 2015

Now that the “House Maids” SMS rage has settled with proper action taken by Ministry of Labor, we take a look at some of the Mother’s day ADs circulating the net. We are aware that companies intentions are always good, but some marketing strategies need to be really revised


1. A laser treatment is a good idea ahead of the summer especially it it comes with a “Gaurantee

mother1 mother2

2. On the other hand, some things are not meant to be posted in Arabic ya “Union


On the bright side, some great and innovative ideas were noted

3. The Sing for your mother event in Jordan City Mall


4. The Slim&Care funny “Help Her Get back in shape” AD


5. The Khoury Home initiative “Free Social Media Course” with every purchase


6. and last but not least the No Garlic No Onion post


It does not really matter how you say it everyday or on that day in particular .. Bottom line is

أن تكون لديك أم تراها صباح مساء …  فهي نعمه تستحق الحمد


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