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TWEETetkon – Issue 1

Published by on March 13th, 2015


This is a new biweekly post that will come on Fridays.

Basically there will be a review of Lebanese tweets / discussions / trends / etc.

We won’t be arguing any specific issue, just consider this a light entrée ahead of the weekend.

The Subjects

Rima Karaki silencing an assaulting guest was by far the most discussed subject. People interacted expressing their support with the incident going viral worldwide.



The so called “Lebanese Sisters” show debuted last weekend. Although not much can be deduced at first, but tweeps agreed on the shallow nature of the “KARDASHIAN-ized series.


Fadl Shaker‘s interview on #LBCI sparkled a rage. The majority of the Lebanese timeline refused any discussion about the “Singer’s Repentance” before justice is served.



#HibaTawaji performance and win over Nög in The Voice TF1 was joyfully cheered and the news was widely shared on all social networks.



And the awful Lebanese priest video … not much to say here as the man was caught on tape harassing and seducing the reporter.


Posts & Stories

So many interesting posts this week ..

We had the unveiling of the woman behind ALFA / TOUCH / Ogero IVR.

The revealing of the Apple Watch and re-ignition of the mobile reign war.

The 24 hour electricity Zahle news

and sadly The story of the death of Nicole Assaf and the society reaction


Tune in next week for our new weekly review …

Here’s an eighties tune to relax your mood ahead of the weekend …


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