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Apple Watch – Could it be a Game Changer?

Published by on March 9th, 2015

Few more hours and the Mystery Watch will be unveiled.

The long awaited Apple Watch event will surely be scoped by everybody in search of the boons and flops.

What we already know

While not much was revealed in the September event we do know

– it is a smartwatch with its own apps and features

– it connects to the iPhone to basically “Start on the watch finish on the Phone”

– it offers new collaboration platforms (Taptic feedback)

– it has built-in health sensors for fitness tracking (Heartrate, GPS, Accelerometer)

– it extends the NFC payment platform to the palm of your hand

– and it is a fashion item

Full feature list here


The rumors

Many rumors have leaked over the past 6 months … We had the

– price speculations (starting 350$)

– the battery dilemma (hours vs days)

– screen displays (Sapphire, retina)

– features (RAM, processor, communication mode, etc.)

What we are sure to see

As in previous events, we will definitely witness

– The evolution of Apple technology over the years

– The numerous “WHYs” attributed with the new device

– The Tim Cook “HOW” we did it, with a list of new built in apps and features

– A live demo (Eager to see the integration boundaries)

– and of course a price list and rollout plan with a fair wide range of watches

What we are looking for

Personally apart from the apps and integration part, i am looking for the the watch profiles that will be introduced.

Sure to witness many models from light and sports, to chic, class and luxurious.

Everybody at Apple is aware of the challenge ahead and that any bump would be lethal.

That is why, it has been delayed and worked out carefully.

For as much as it could be a game changer, it could also be a “Total FIASCO”

How to watch the event

The event will debut at 7:00 PM Beirut time

You can follow the Apple video stream link www.apple.com/live 

Windows: Safari 5.1.10 or later

Mac: OS X 10.6.8 onward

iPhone/iPad/iPod: iOS 6 or later

Apple TV: firmware version 6.2 or later

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