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Published by on March 6th, 2015

Every day when you Logon to Facebook, your timeline is filled with various stories.

We all have different types of friends that we probably have already grouped.

The Most commonly observed are

The Preacher

That wants to show you how miserable your life is and how desperate you are.

The Family People

Will share everything they do. eating napping hiking dancing first walk first teeth pregnancy …

The Animal Lovers

I have no problem with animals, but i’m not going to loose sleep because “Sassy” is a lonely cat.

The Sexually Obsessed

That goes on liking and sharing any article with a flesh rate > 1%

The Stalkers

That will suddenly like/comment on a 7-years old picture at 4:00 AM in the morning

The Gamers

No need to describe more i guess “xxx invited you to play yyy


Well you can’t unfriend and you are compelled to reply to their comments. Just press that “Unfollow” button


We all know there are more than 70% of Facebook users who are under 18. Well you cannot really expect what to see under this segment.

The Instagram freaks

With gazillion hashtags and posts round the clock

The Tagged you person

Dude i can see the post on my timeline, no need to tag me in every post you share

The Quiz maniac

Since a year or so, this trend has increased a lot on timelines.

The Celebrity Fan

“Miley drank coffee” “Bieber ate man2oushe” .. #Fhemna

The Mr. Loghat

They will surprise you with out of this world comments


Surely the list goes on endlessly … in the end which One or ONES are you ?

Here is a nice infographic

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