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Was the iPhone 6 Copied

Published by on March 2nd, 2015

Well a definite Yes on the score cards …


It’s the same …


– power button, volume nobs, charge location, volume holes (Oh no the S6 has two set of holes)

– What else, same aluminum cover, and similar antenna breaks

– Oh there is more, identical speaker cut and earphone place (same earphone jacks too)


Introducing mobile payment “Samsung Pay” .. Oh wait, we had that before didn’t we #ApplePay

and no more micro SD cards or removable battery (what Apple was bragged to lack over Samsung)

Matching battery life time

Battery life comparison: Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus

Not to take away from its enhanced features, the S6 has some advantages over the 6 month old iPhone 6

– Enhanced screen resolution 577ppi vs 401ppi on the iPhone

– Enhanced RAM storage (3GB versus 1GB)

– Enhanced back and front cameras (16Mp and 8Mp respectively)

Full comparative details here


It is every company’s right to copy designs maybe to a certain extent but this comes after “if we all well remember” the fact that Samsung mocked Apple heavily over the new iPhone 6 design and features only to come up with replicas.

A revival of the Samsung Apple legal patents will soon be witnessed.

Expect videos to come out soon …

In all cases, welcome back to 2007

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