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About Co-workers

Published by on February 25th, 2015

There are numerous types of coworkers … of which we recite

The Nerd Weirdo

No matter where you meet them, they are already part of another dimension. Avoid arguing with them in a meeting. “You will Loose”

The Noisy people

They want to tell you every detail of the past 24 hours and they want to make sure you listen

The Lover

That pops everywhere you go, invents subjects to talk and discuss and spend time with you. It really depends on your status for the next move but a word of advice “Don’t *** where you eat”

The “know it all”

whether you are discussing a rocket science subject or how to deliver babies in a car at rush hour, they will just have their say.

The “Mad3oum”

They just sit all day playing candy crush, chatting, making calls, etc. Doomed if you have one of those in your team.

and of course there is You

Unless of course you are already one of the five above



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