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On The Lebanese Monday

Published by on February 16th, 2015

Another week starts, Another Monday … who likes Mondays anyways.

No one wants to wake up early, plus work, and traffic … not much really to like.

Adding an extra twist, in #Lebanon you have to be ready for more


– On getting stuck because of a protest (“Moyawmin”, “Casino”, “Hospital”, “Trucks”, etc)

– On being flooded in a rainy day, because our roads are state of the art

– On Van #4 and taxi drivers

– On parents dropping kids at school (lezim tbousou 12 bawseh w tsof b noss el tari2)


… and in the end after that long hated day at work

– On traffic and traffic and traffic

– On getting caught at 6:00PM in the elevator (la yiji el eshtirak)

– On the worst three hours of media on TV #7akiJeles, #LelNasher and #1544


On the Lebanese Monday countless stories of hatred …

Grab a drink and relax

Here comes the “Terrible Tuesday

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