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10 Things you are most likely to see when you hit the road in Lebanon

Published by on November 10th, 2014

Whether it is morning, noon or night, there are things that you are most likely to see when you hit the roads in #Lebanon.

Here are 10 of the most common sights that you probably see every day with screenshots


10. Walls Writings

It is there, practically everywhere and for different reasons. To express an opinion, to bash people, for political reasons, etc.

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9. Car Artwork

We definitely don’t lack any ideas when it comes to conveying a message in a humorist way on cars

loiloileb1 leb1-2

8. The famous “Take a Leak” on the side of roads

Well no comment here, just a pure animal act


7. Motorcycle shows aka. “Ebba”

An act of insanity, we all want to avoid such lunatics on the road

lebanese 3-3

lebanese 3-2 lebanese 3-1


6. Motorcycles Part II

The latest transportation trend featuring the driver, the perpendicularly seated wife and as many children as you can fit

lebanon 5-2 lebanon 5-1


5. Careless Drivers

So many lives have been wasted due to such people namely children on way to school in the morning

lebanese 2-3 lebanese 2-2

4. No Plate Cars

The “harbou2” Lebanese evading follow or radar. What’s sad is that they circulate in front of security forces UN-noticed

lebanon 4-2 private-number

3. Street Markets Aka. “بسطات الخضرة”

It’s everywhere, you can’t miss them on your drive. Maybe a practical stop and shop if you missed any of your wife’s grocery list 🙂

lebanon 10-1 lebanon 10-2

2. Unconventional Parking

We do excel in this area. You would be really lucky if you do not catch any second line abnormal car parked somewhere

lebanon 7-2 lebanon 7-1 lll

1. Stray Beggars and Sellers

The most commonly noticed on Lebanese roads. Whether in traffic / peak times or at an intersection or main streets,they will just bump or knock your window.

and please spare me the “sensitive humanitarian comment” as most of these are part of well organized groups that dispatch them at well-studied locations.

48148_mainimg l81 Syrian refugees struggle in Lebanon


Bonus Item – The makeup Ladies

Notably in the morning, you cannot miss the late ladies doing make-up in the car.

No pictures here, i do not want to end up fighting with some lady’s man over a shared photo


Bonus Item 2 – The famous “بياع صيصان ملونة”

You will be lucky if you ever buy one and it stays alive for more than 24 hours 😛


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