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Why not to NFC

Published by on May 20th, 2014


Pay with a Tap .. Pay with your mobile .. Tap your card and Go ..

Too many slogans promoting the NFC payment either by using the built in functionality (Android phones), an NFC enabled Credit Card or through a sticker on the mobile itself.

It’s fast, convenient, and simple

It’s practical, and mobile

and above all it “basically” alleviates the traditional use of Credit Cards which “theoretically” provides more security (no Card, no PIN, no skimming)

Well NO .. think again “the devil lies in the details”


NFC is a wireless technology operating at 13.56 MHz that allows communication between two peers (more like Bluetooth but without pairing)

It has a short range 20 cm maximum, and has been ideally used in areas like secure entries, parking, vending machines, and the like.

On the mobile payment level, there are a lot of security concerns to add to the market resistance and immaturity / education needed at the customer level.

While most of us will debate the hacking/security aspect as limited and bound to proximity of the device as highlighted in the CBC report, it has been demonstrated lately that injecting malicious NFC tags can lead to remote full control of phone data (which means full remote execution of code)

That does not make NFC enabled cards any secure as proven here. Stickers on the other hand are the most insecure form of NFC as they can be simply removed/stolen and you can “kiss your card balance” goodbye

It sure helps to Tap or wave  to pay and go … just make sure no one is tapping around you .. and  until mobile wallets are used don’t call it a mobile payment

Enjoy this video


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